Watch Miss USA 2013 Replay

America- you hailed and crowned your 62nd queen and she will be the representative of USA in the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 pageant. Erin Brady from Connecticut gloriously stood out and outshine other 50 candidates during Miss USA 2013 pageant and eventually won her ticket to Miss Universe pageant.Even though, we don't include Erin as one of our favorites. We still believe that Erin would be a good Miss USA barer. Erin maintained a high score in Swimsuits and Evening Gown. While During the Final Question she gave a brief and witty answer to the question. The judges had accumulated the scores and find it out that Connecticut is the real winner.

If you failed to watch Miss USA 2013 Pageant last June 16, 2013. Don't worry because we are here ready for you to serve and give the full replay of Miss USA 2013 Pageant. Enjoy Watching!

The Full Replay of Miss USA 2013 is now available. Enjoy!  

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