Miss Kentucky 2013: ALLIE LEGGETT

Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: McCreary County
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
AGE: 19
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gray

More about Miss Kentucky:

Her name is Allie Leggett. Among the 50 states of America plus the District of Colombia, Kentucky is one of those states that have this sleeping reputation in pageant field. They usually end up as clapper and only can move to the finalists as their highest achievement so far. Many experts say that there must be someone that could start a stake for their ladder to pageant success. There must be a stepping stone for Kentucky to be recognized in any pageant across America especially in Miss USA pageant. This year, their fate is about to change as the bearer of Miss Kentucky USA 2013 has something special to offer.

The 19 year old beauty from McCreary Country is the winner of Miss Kentucky USA 2013 title and her name is Allie Leggett. Allie is a beautiful blonde girl who bested other candidates during Miss Kentucky USA 2013 pageant and gained her ticket to Miss USA 2013 this coming June 16th. Watch Miss USA 2013 Online and be ready to meet Miss Kentucky. Allie Leggett stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her beauty signals simplicity and humility. You can say upon seeing her that this girl is so kind and very friendly. Her aura suggests peace and calmness. Many followers believe that these characteristics could make Allie stand out from the rest.

Based on the videos and interviews of the candidates for their official road to the crown, many loved the answers of Allie. They said that Kentucky answered the questions honestly and simply. Now, Allie Leggett is one of the favorites and was pushed to win the crown. Allie Leggett is currently a hostess at a restaurant and attends Somerset Community College.



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