Miss Utah 2013: MARISSA POWELL

Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: Salt Lake City
HEIGHT: 5’ 8”
AGE: 21
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

More about Miss Utah:

Fierce, winning and Strong Personality! Miss Utah USA 2013 is full of positive vibes and I can personally say that this girl can hit the stage with big explosion. This June 16, 2013- American should prepare as Miss USA 2013 Pageant is about to happen. Another reason why the pageant became much interesting was because of the not only beautiful candidates but with the fiercest and wildest ones. Last year, I can remember how Nevada rocks the stage with her walk and seducing aura on stage. She’s full of fierceness and determination- and Jade Kelsall ended as 3rd runner-up. The catwalk divas always win a spot in top 5 and it depends only with their answer on Interview that determines their final fate.

And this year, I can sense that Miss Utah USA 2013 will be the catwalk diva for Miss USA 2013. Marissa Powell is the 21 year old title holder of Miss Utah USA and will represent her state in the upcoming Miss USA 2013 Pageant. Marissa is an actress, a model and a singer. Aside from being a beauty Queen, Marissa loves to practice her professions alternatively every week. “Being a model, actress, singer and a beauty queen is not an easy task”, as Powell said in an interview.

After viewing on her photos, candid shots and watching her videos- you may be convinced that Marissa do have what it takes to become the next miss USA. Marissa Powell is also an intelligent girl. She always replies an articulate answer to every question thrown to her. Being an actress and a model developed confidence in Marissa’s personality and that made her to feel more comfortable in front of the camera than in any other girls. Watch Miss USA 2013 online.



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