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America- you hailed and crowned your 62nd queen and she will be the representative of USA in the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 pageant. Erin Brady from Connecticut gloriously stood out and outshine other 50 candidates during Miss USA 2013 pageant and eventually won her ticket to Miss Universe pageant.Even though, we don't include Erin as one of our favorites. We still believe that Erin would be a good Miss USA barer. Erin maintained a high score in Swimsuits and Evening Gown. While During the Final Question she gave a brief and witty answer to the question. The judges had accumulated the scores and find it out that Connecticut is the real winner.

If you failed to watch Miss USA 2013 Pageant last June 16, 2013. Don't worry because we are here ready for you to serve and give the full replay of Miss USA 2013 Pageant. Enjoy Watching!

Miss USA 2013 Official Results

America- you have witnessed how beautiful your young ladies as they vie for the crown and title of Miss USA 2013. June 16, 2012 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada fifty (50) candidates were bested by the beautiful representative of Connecticut and wear the crown of Miss USA 2013 that evening. Erin Brady was crowned by the outgoing Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether and just won her ticket to the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 pageant to be held in Russia this November 9, 2013. 

After the several screening processes, the judges had made their choice and out of the 51 here are their picks that they think are worth enough to proceed. So, here is the list of the official result of Miss USA 2013. Starting with:

Special Awards:

Miss Photogenic: Utah
Miss Congeniality: Oregon

Major Awards

Miss USA 2013 Winner:  Connecticut – Erin Brady
1st runner up: Alabama – Mary Margaret Mccord
2nd runner up: Utah -Marissa Powell
3rd runner-up: Illinois- Stacie Juris
4th runner-up: Texas - Alexandria Nugent
5th runner-up: South Carolina - Megan Pickeley

Miss USA 2013 Live Stream

Watch Miss USA 2013 Online live from the fabulous city of Las Vegas Nevada this June 16, 2013. 9 PM E.T. This is the big event that you shouldn’t have to miss. 51 of the most gorgeous and young women across America will try to vie for the crown and the title of Miss USA 2013. Only one out of this 51 will standing still in the end and is hailed as Miss USA 2013 winner. Find it out this June 16 as we witness the never before and breathtaking showcase of beauty beyond perfection- the parade of poise, baring and projection. This is the 62nd edition of Miss USA Pageant.

The world must stay a look at this, swimsuits and bikinis will surely be overflowing and the stands of glittering evening gowns will maze every eye and invite every attention to never miss such fabulous and amazing pageant on earth. The winner of Miss USA 2013 will automatically be the representative of United States of America in the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 pageant.

Watch Miss USA 2013 Preliminary Competition Replay

Last June 12, 2013- the 51 official candidates for Miss USA 2013 ramped on stage as their initial performance. In this just ended breathtaking show, 16 of them will be announced as the lucky batch to proceed in the next level of the competition. Las Vegas Nevada screamed to its backbone as the candidates show off their sizzling curves in swimsuit and their oozing elegance and poises in evening gown parade. Millions of the viewers around the world witnessed this but still there are millions out there who thirst to watch the said preliminary competition replay complete.

So now, without further do, I gave you the complete replay of Miss USA 2013 Preliminary competition wherein the candidates of this years’ Miss USA 2013 Pageant showcase their best in swimsuits and evening gowns. Watch Miss USA 2013 Preliminary Competition Replay Full for free only here.

Before the Miss USA 2013 Pageant big night to happen this June 16, 2013 let us once more reminisce how courageous and extraordinary this young ladies as they vie for the only crown and title of Miss USA 2013. If ever you ask where to Watch Miss USA 2013 online this June 16,don’t worry because this blog site will provide it for you. Enjoy!


Miss USA 2013 Final Prediction

Be ready! This is the final prediction for the Miss USA 2013 title. For almost 2 months of breathtaking preparations, the 51 lovely candidates of Miss USA 2013 will finally meet their first cut this June 16, as the judges had made their choice and named the worthy states to enter the circle of top 16. 15 of them are the topnotchers in the combined scores made the judges during preliminary competition and 1 who won the online voting. Who would those lucky ladies be? Watch Miss USA 2013 pageant live all the way from the greatest city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Now, let us meet the predicted candidates who gained so many reputations online and based on our own knowledge have the qualities and qualifications of being a good semifinalists for Miss USA 2013. Remember, this is isn’t the official list of semifinalists. This is just a prediction from one of the diehard fan of Miss USA pageant, and that’s me.


Miss USA 2013 Preliminary Competition Photos and Feedback

The 62nd edition of Miss USA pageant went on to its peak as the candidates made the world upside down as they conquer the stage of Las Vegas Nevada with their breathtaking bodies in swimsuits and evening gowns during the preliminary competition held last June 12, 2013. Million of the viewers around the world roared for the name of their bets wishing to be recognized by the judges and be enlisted as one of the semi-finalists this coming big Sunday night June 16, 2013. Are you ready for this upcoming huge explosion to happen in the fabulous city of Las Vegas Nevada? Be ready to hail the new queen and barer of the title and crown of Miss USA 2013. Watch the pageant live of Miss USA 2013 only here at 

In the just happened Miss USA 2013 preliminary competition, some of the candidates stood out as expected, while others failed the expectations. Some have this big smashing surprise like New York who used to be at the back row in various online favorites but amazed almost everybody during the preliminaries with her confidence and amazing walk paired with confidence. Many of the candidates became brilliantly beautiful as they wore the official swimsuits, opening dress and evening gowns of the sponsors for Miss USA 2013. Their stylings were all touched of CHI. 


Watch Miss USA 2013 Preliminary Competition Live Streaming

The most prestigious pageant on America is about to happen and slowly the soft petals of the pedestal for the queen of 2013 are ready to be welcomed. Watch the 62nd edition of Miss USA 2013 pageant and be amazed with another parade of beauty, elegance and bearing on stage.

America- braise yourselves as we witness the gorgeous and breathtaking 51 candidates for this years’ Miss USA pageant for their preliminary competition this June 12th, 2013. 10 pm E.T, watch miss usa 2013 preliminary competition live via live streaming online. 51 of the most incredible woman will try to impress the judges in two rounds of competition: In swimsuits and evening gown competition. From their combined scores on this two round competition where the top 15 finalists will be named- watch the performance of your favorite candidate and see if she really deserved to be a Miss USA winner.

Aside from the official site of Miss USA, you can also watch the preliminary competition full and pageant full only here at Just be on this site on the mentioned date and enjoy the live streaming for free. Enjoy !

The Complete Replay is embedded below. Enjoy!


Miss USA 2013 Early Favorites - Week 3

We are just a week before Miss USA 2013 strikes. The world of pageant is now roaring. Eager to watch the pageant live and so as you for sure. Before the boiling point reach its peak, let us once again scrutinize and define the curves of the candidates as we pick for the best among the best. This is the 3rd week of Miss USA 2013 Early Favorites. Join the experts to predict the upcoming big event to happen in Las Vegas, Nevada this 16th day of June. So, before we Watch Miss USA 2013 Online let us firs meet the possible winners as predicted by pageant experts and followers as follows:

1. Kentucky- Allie Leggett sprouted in one blink from the back row to this week's number one spot. Leggett became the most uttered name among the candidates after the road to the crown and hotseat videos came out. Allie Leggett wins the attention of everybody because of her consistency and charming looks. She's very genuine and that could be a good character of next Miss USA. 

2. Alabama- Mary Margaret Mccord is still on the top of our early favorites. Mccord is undeniably beautiful and would definitely be a good Miss USA winner. She's so effortless. A goddess of this batch and her face would totally scream for the crown.



Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: Hell's Kitchen
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
AGE: 24
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color:  Brown

More about Miss New York:

Another achiever candidate in on the list of Miss USA and she is representing New York. This performer and academic lady is Joanne Nosuchinsky who was crowned as Miss New York USA 2013. Joanne loved being on stage and had defeated stage fright in her because of being on stage since she was a child. She as a young performed he first dance competition and successfully won. That stepping stone encourage her to pursue more of her dreams and won more out of it. Joanne is a woman of confidence and perseveance. Watch Miss USA 2013 Online this June 16.

At earl childhood, Nosuchinsky was diagnosed havin a scoliosis and suffered almost four years wearing a back brace. After the successful walk away from scoliosis, she went back to performing arts and pursue her college. At the end, she graduated as Summa cumlaude. Brace yourselves as we meet this 24 year old beauty from Hell's Kitchen Florida.  

Miss Florida 2013: MICHELLE AGUIRRE

Basic Information:

HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
AGE: 20
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color: Gray

More about Miss Florida:

A stunning lady that will compete for Miss USA 2013 title and will represent her state Florida this June 16 is no other than Michelle Aguirre. Michelle is a 20 year old beauty from Hialeh that competed and bested the other contestants of Miss Florida USA 2013. She, and the respective candidates of other 50 states, is expected to be in Las Vegas and try to become the next Miss USA. 

Michelle Aguirre stnds 5 feet and 7 inches. She was rased and born in her home state where she currently enrolled her college degree of Bachelor in elementary education. Miami Dade college is so proud of having their student Michelle in Miss USA 2013. Michelle has the blood of Cuban and Puerto Rican. She is the only girl in the family having 4 hunky brothers.  

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