Miss Florida 2013: MICHELLE AGUIRRE

Basic Information:

HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
AGE: 20
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color: Gray

More about Miss Florida:

A stunning lady that will compete for Miss USA 2013 title and will represent her state Florida this June 16 is no other than Michelle Aguirre. Michelle is a 20 year old beauty from Hialeh that competed and bested the other contestants of Miss Florida USA 2013. She, and the respective candidates of other 50 states, is expected to be in Las Vegas and try to become the next Miss USA. 

Michelle Aguirre stnds 5 feet and 7 inches. She was rased and born in her home state where she currently enrolled her college degree of Bachelor in elementary education. Miami Dade college is so proud of having their student Michelle in Miss USA 2013. Michelle has the blood of Cuban and Puerto Rican. She is the only girl in the family having 4 hunky brothers.  

Aside from being a beautyqueen, Michelle also loves outdoor activities and everything around her beautiful sunshine state. She hopes that someday she can also inspire more children as what she was inspired by her teacher in elementary. This blonde girl wanted somethng different everytime and that made herself more adventurous and sporty. Do you think Florida will be crowned this year? Watch Miss USA 2013 Online.



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