Miss South Dakota 2013: JESSICA ALBERS

Basic Information:

HEIGHT: 5’ 10”
AGE: 27
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Gray

More about Miss South Dakota:

Maturity is one thing that you will be rest assured about the representative of South Dakota in Miss USA 2013. Aside from being extraordinary beautiful, Miss South Dakota USA 2013 is a woman with stability and maturity towards decision making and grasp. The 27 year old (quite older compared to other candidates) beauty from Yankton will take off her long gorgeous brunette hair on stage this June 16 to compete for Miss USA 2013. Her name is no other than Jessica Albers. Jessica bested other candidates during Miss South Dakota USA 2013 pageant and grabs her ticket to Miss USA 2013.

Watch Miss USA 2013 Online. Jessica Albers was raised in Walnut Creek California and lived there till she was 13 and her family decided to move to Yankton, South Dakota. Jessica since she was a kid was named as the achiever child because of her numerous awards at school. She actually received a scholarship in one school during college where she graduated her bachelors’ degree.

Currently, she is employed in Countryside Stores in northeast Nebraska as the executive manager of operations. As a ballet dancer, Jessica wants to inspire other young girls to be competent and passionate in whatever dream they have. She teaches Zumba in some of her times. Vote for South Dakota if you think she is destined to be in the top 15.



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  1. gorgeous, but does she have what it takes to win?


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