Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: Hell's Kitchen
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
AGE: 24
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color:  Brown

More about Miss New York:

Another achiever candidate in on the list of Miss USA and she is representing New York. This performer and academic lady is Joanne Nosuchinsky who was crowned as Miss New York USA 2013. Joanne loved being on stage and had defeated stage fright in her because of being on stage since she was a child. She as a young performed he first dance competition and successfully won. That stepping stone encourage her to pursue more of her dreams and won more out of it. Joanne is a woman of confidence and perseveance. Watch Miss USA 2013 Online this June 16.

At earl childhood, Nosuchinsky was diagnosed havin a scoliosis and suffered almost four years wearing a back brace. After the successful walk away from scoliosis, she went back to performing arts and pursue her college. At the end, she graduated as Summa cumlaude. Brace yourselves as we meet this 24 year old beauty from Hell's Kitchen Florida.  

Please leve us your comments about your opinions and insights of this aspirant from Florida. Keep on voting!



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