Miss USA 2013 Early Favorites - Week 3

We are just a week before Miss USA 2013 strikes. The world of pageant is now roaring. Eager to watch the pageant live and so as you for sure. Before the boiling point reach its peak, let us once again scrutinize and define the curves of the candidates as we pick for the best among the best. This is the 3rd week of Miss USA 2013 Early Favorites. Join the experts to predict the upcoming big event to happen in Las Vegas, Nevada this 16th day of June. So, before we Watch Miss USA 2013 Online let us firs meet the possible winners as predicted by pageant experts and followers as follows:

1. Kentucky- Allie Leggett sprouted in one blink from the back row to this week's number one spot. Leggett became the most uttered name among the candidates after the road to the crown and hotseat videos came out. Allie Leggett wins the attention of everybody because of her consistency and charming looks. She's very genuine and that could be a good character of next Miss USA. 

2. Alabama- Mary Margaret Mccord is still on the top of our early favorites. Mccord is undeniably beautiful and would definitely be a good Miss USA winner. She's so effortless. A goddess of this batch and her face would totally scream for the crown.

3. Maryland- Kasey Staneszwski ended in third place this week. Kasey is so elegant. Her body is superb and I can sense how her gestures on stage will devour the attention of the judges. Aside from this edges, she has the mot experiences in pageants and experts believe that would gave her the spot effortlessly in top 5.

4. Ohio- Kristin Smith for the fourth place might cause many to gone wild. Since the glamshots and headshots came out, Krstin won the hearts of many because of this likeable aura on her. Whenever she smile, I can remember of Olivia Culpo's journey from being Miss RI to Miss USA up to Mss Universe. Her bod is well-proportioned and her skin tone registered more elegant with her curly hair styling and lucious smiles of her lips.

5. New Jersey- Libell Duran ranked as the top 5 for this week's Miss USA 2013 early favorites. Duran is the catwalk diva and would turn out to be the Jade Kelsall of this batch. Libell is so confident and her overflowing confidence plus her expertise about projecting on stage could bring her chance in the top 5.

Do you think this girls can make it? Never miss to watch the pageant live online. 

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