Basic Information:

HEIGHT: 5’ 8”
AGE: 21 years old
Eye Color:  Black
Hair Color: Black

More about Miss California:

The very independent girl from San Diego is the official representative of California in the 62nd edition of Miss USA 2013 pageant. Her name is Mabelynn Capeluj, a 21 year old beauty who was crowned as Miss California USA 2013. Mabelyn was born and raised in the sunny place of San Diego where she started to build her own dreams. Since she was young, Mabelyn always thought of going on stage while the rest of people cheer for her.

Currently, she is enrolled at Chapman University taking her degree at broadcast journalism. Aside from being a student, Mabelyn also joined several modeling projects. Her modeling career molds her attitude towards camera. Do you think Mabelyn Capeluj could win the 2013 crown of Miss USA? Watch Miss USA 2013 Online this June 16. Never miss this life changing experience.

Capeluj planned to put up her own business after finishing her master’s degree. She was a spokesperson of the National Psoriasis Foundation and also the ambassador of Walk to cure Psoriasis in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Mabelyn is infected with Psoriasis on her skin since she was sixteen but proud to show it and inspire others about awareness.

Mabelyn Capeluj stands 5 feet and 8 inches. She has this amazing beauty because of her blood heritage both from white and Latin Americans. Keep on voting.



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