Miss Michigan 2013: Jaclyn Schultz

Basic Information:

Hometown: Wyandotte
Height: 6’
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue

More about Miss Michigan:

The tallest among the candidates of this year’s batch of Miss USA 2013 Pageant is no other than Jaclyn Schultz from Michigan. Michigan State is one of the strongest states this year to bet for Miss USA 2013 crown. Aside from having the tallest representative, Michigan also have this very genuine girl who loved to be in public and advocate public relations towards one another. Watch Miss USA 2013 Online this coming June 16, 2013 and met Jaclyn Schultz as the official barer of Miss Michigan sash. 

Jaclyn Schultz was a beautiful product of her hometown- Wyandotte, Michigan. She is a graduate of Central Michigan University 2 years ago with her Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Public Relations. Her philosophy in life is not to stop learning. As long as a lived, he must learn and know more in his entire life. Born in raised in a huge family, Jaclyn Schultz was very grateful of being the only child in her family. Being always the center of love and attention- her youngster years was filled with it and that she can never asked for more. 

Unfortunately, this lovely candidate from Michigan was born without a Uterus. Thus, vanishing her chance to bear a baby on her own womb, Jaclyn still believed that in a way or another she can still practice being a parent and enjoy her essence of being a woman. Do you believe that this 6 footed girl can grab the crown? Keep on voting for Jaclyn Schultz and it would be special if you leave us your comments. Thank you and enjoy your stay.  



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