Miss South Carolina 2013: MEGAN PINCKNEY

Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: Charleston
HEIGHT: 5’ 8”
AGE: 21
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black

More about Miss South Carolina:

Megan Tyler Pinckley is expected to glide on stage this 16th of June in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas wearing the sash of her home state- South Carolina. She will be competing for the coveted title and crown together with the other 50 states of America. If you believe that South Carolina has the qualities of being a winner, then cast your vote.  

Beautiful! Winning Aura and a strong personality- I’m not only referring to the characteristics of being Miss USA but also with what I see on the 21 year old title holder from Charleston. Megan Tyler Pinckney is absolutely a perfect fit for Miss USA 2013 title. Personally, I LOVE Miss South Carolina; She’s so elegant, gorgeous, simple and effortless- and these are the things that I guess a Miss USA 2013 Winner should have.
Megan Pinckney is the 21 year old beauty Queen who was crowned as Miss South Carolina USA 2013 and was given the chance to compete in Miss USA 2013 Pageant this coming June 16th. Her black complexion paired with charming smile and very humble face can win your thought and would probably say that you’ll love this girl. Megan is so genuine. Every time she talks in front and off the camera, you can feel that she has something that other girls don’t have.

Currently, Megan is a senior merchandising student at The University of South Carolina. Megan at her age 21, she was already a member of Legislative Aide for the South Carolina House of Representatives.

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