Miss USA 2013 Early Favorites – Week 2

We are now steps away from the Week 1 of picking the favorite candidates to win Miss USA 2013 title. Last time, we meet the 10 successful names in the first batch of Early Favorites. This 2nd week we are about to name again the best among the best. This is the Miss USA 2013 EarlyFavorites. 25 days before Miss USA 2013 pageant and the heat is now freaking the whole pageant world. The 51 delegates are now starting to make their way to success: Training, practice and whole body discipline. Watch Miss USA 2013 Online and be ready to witness the most amazing pageant across America.

Be ready to face Miss USA 2013 Candidates on stage. This coming 16th of June- the 62nd edition of Miss USA Pageant is about to happen. Now, let us meet the 2nd batch of beauties that made it to the top based on our online survey and facebook likes. Here they are the candidates listed as Miss USA 2013 Early Favorites:

1.       Alabama - Mary Margaret McCord
2.       Maryland – Kasey Staniszewski
3.       New Jersey- Libell Duran
4.       Illinois – Stacie Juris
5.       California – Mabelynn Capeluj
6.        West Virginia – Chelsea Welch
7.          Ohio-     Kristin Smith
8.          Georgia –   Britanny Sharp
9.         Utah -   Marissa Powell
10.        Wisconsin -  Chrissy Zamora

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