Miss Nevada 2013: CHELSEA CASWELL

Basic Information:

HEIGHT: 5’ 8”
AGE: 23
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

More about Miss Nevada:

Last year, 2012 has this issue of home court advantage because 3 out of 4 of the winners in the BIG 4 international pageants won on their home country. Olivia Culpo of USA won Miss Universe 2012 held in USA, Wenxia Yu of China won Miss World 2012 held in China, Ikumi Yashimatsu of Japan won Miss International 2012 held in Japan, and Stephanie Stefanowitz of Philippines won Miss Air 2012 (First runner up) in Miss Earth 2012 title held in Philippines. If the same fate will be bestowed in the upcoming Miss USA 2013- then it has the greater chance of Nevada to win since the venue of the pageant will be in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Remember last year? Jade Kelsall got her place in top 5 wearing the sash of Nevada thinking that Miss USA 2012 pageant was also held in Nevada. I am not saying here that it was because of luck why Jade won 3rd runner up last year- what I am saying is that it could be possible if fate will be in accordance with my predictions.

Going to the main point, the official representative of Nevada in the upcoming Miss USA 2013 pageant was the 23 year old blonde from Las Vegas. The gorgeous Chelsea Caswell will surely be the one of the most eyed candidate during the final night. And for sure Chelsea will also have the most number of supporters. Caswell is standing 5 feet and 8 inches. She has this strong aura on stage plus the smashing commensuration of her blue eyes with her facial structure. Do you believe Nevada can make it again? Watch Miss USA 2013 Online.

Chelsea was currently the restaurant manager in Las Vegas and loved to be in a place where she can practice hospitality and socialization.



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