Watch Miss USA 2013 Road to the Crown- Full

This is the compilation of videos about the Miss USA 2013 Road to the Crown where the 51 candidates are asked to answer several questions thrown by the Miss USA organization. The Video started with Alabama till Wyoming. This is where you can witness the candidates in motion and how they express their selves in words.

This is your chance to scrutinize the candidates and unlock their abilities to show off in front of camera and how articulate are they in answering the questions. Upon watching the videos, you can reflect a bit of their personality, baring and the character that they can offer out of the pageant. Watch Miss USA 2013 Online this June 16 and be one of the million viewers around the world wanting to witness if who will follow the footsteps of Olivia Culpo and Nana Meriwether as Miss Universe 2012 and Miss USA 2012 winner respectively.

So here they are, the candidates in their official Road to the Crown Videos:

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