Miss New Mexico 2013: KATHLEEN DANZER

Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: Rio Rancho
HEIGHT: 5’ 8”
AGE: 24
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue

More about Miss New Mexico:

Another Fierce candidate to vie for the crown and the title of Miss USA 2013 is the 24 year old representative from the state of New Mexico. Kathleen Danzer is the official entry of New Mexico in the upcoming 62nd edition of Miss USA Pageant. Kathleen is the 24 year old beauty from Rio Rancho. Rio Rancho was a mountainous place in New Mexico and according to Kathleen, the environment where she grown made her better and a stronger women. Kathleen Danzer was born with her twin brother. Her twin brother was exactly opposite to her. While Kathleen enjoys being blonde and blue-eyed. Her brother was black haired cute guy with brown eyes.

Watch Miss USA 2013 Online this June 16. Never miss this for you to witness how Kathleen Danzer represent her home state New Mexico in the pageant.

Usually, Kathleen loved to stay outside and enjoy the view of nature than stay inside their house. Currently she is a student at the University of New Mexico taking her degree in Biology and Pre-Medicine. Aside from pageantry, Danzer also has been in the field of TV and Modeling. She was already 5 years in modeling profession and extras on some TV shows and movies. She hopes that someday she can be settled and become an anesthetist.  Do you think this girl from New Mexico worth to have a vote?

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