Miss Wyoming 2013: COURTNEY GIFFORD

Basic Information:

HOMETOWN: Sheridan
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
AGE: 24
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

More about Miss Wyoming:

Wyoming is the least populated state in the whole America- having only more than 5,000 people. Because of this everyone loved and knows each other. This is the environment where the 24 year old blonde beauty was born and raised. Destined to be the representative of her home state Wyoming in the upcoming Miss USA 2013 pageant, Courtney Gifford was so determined to win the 62nd crown of Miss USA. Courtney Gifford won her ticket to the Miss USA pageant by besting other candidates in the local Miss Wyoming USA 2013

It was a close fight between her and her first runner up but the judges had made their choice and make Courtney as their 2013 winner of the title. Courtney represented Sheridan during Miss Wyoming USA 2013.
Watch Miss USA 2013 Online. Courtney Gifford was diagnosed with ADHD or the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She can’t simply stand on things for too long. Courtney wants to keep moving and can’t stay idle. To lessen this condition, Courtney joined pageants and learned to value patience and perseverance. She started at her high school days and moved up to now being Miss Wyoming USA 2013. 

Though Courtney Gifford fight it hard to learn despite of her condition, she still believed that no disease or any disorders can make ones dream vanished.

She moved to many places and advocated many young ones and ADHD barer. Do you think Wyoming can be good role model for the rest of American girls? Vote for her and leave us your comment below. Thank you.



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